Who's knowledge is of truth. And if truth is a mans way to comphrehend the world around him, then where does his truth justify his concious ability to know that he is concious and is he really truly seeing. Once one harnesess the ability to be at a truthfull standstill, Is it only then that he is still. and is it then he understands the knowledge of his truth? Can a man see into his truth when he is at war with the worlds truth.  Is possible for him to awaken despite the physical things that block his understanding of a world that does not stop moving. that does not allow him to stop. Please to all I am plauged by these questions and many, many more my heart does not stop seeking truth and I am so tired fighting to be understood , I communicate through the words of my heart and although I am tainted by the worlds shadows I fight to gain the freedom of my mind and soul. I need a place of peace so I can find the truth in which I seek. Please I beg you grant me a chance of peace. If one finds my words let his heart be guided to me so that I may finally have some peace of mind and regain strength to find what I must. I leave you in Peace.