From my forthcoming Enlightenment Ain't What It's Cracked Up To Be:  "Often when people tell of spiritual journeys, their own or their guru's, they either idealize or demonize the tale, making it either bigger or smaller than it was.  For spirituality is a field of grand illusions, peopled seemingly by angels or demons….

"Men and women undertake its rigors in part because of its promise, enlightenment, the utterly perfected life.  It will be joyous, perfect, successful, and divine. Yet such a promise, perfect illumination, is dishearteningly false. 

"Nonetheless, we undertake such paths because there’s also gold in them, we sense—something real, long term, and important.

"A spiritual life, even a so called enlightened spiritual life, is much less—and much more—than any self serving or bitter account could ever portray.  Claiming perfection or bitterness alone squeezes out the sweaty ambiguity that soaks the fabric of every life.  Confusion and pride and paradox and disappointment and unexpected possibility always, I suspect, come with this sort of journey."

So I ask you, how has your spiritual experiences, your spiritual life, been less than you bargained for?  How has it been more?  I have a feeling we all have a story to tell here….