Dre-e-am… what on Earth is that?
Dream is the Song of Everlasting Creator in your Heart.

All genius and Masters, who is  noted in history and well-known by the entire world, whose  Force is acknowledged with admiration  by millions and millions of beings – they all had  been making  efforts to accomplish their Dream. Efforts  of all the 1000 percents – not  less than one THOUSAND… and even more!!!
Without DREAM  the  meaning of your life  is  
forever lost , faded away…. Is  burned   out  to ashes by the grey sadness of another meaningless death.
Something  you’re going to die for, but not to betray yourself! DREAM! Ever ! Because betraying  the Dream equals dying in a body that’s still Alive, when the heart runs empty, there are no more sparkles in the eyes, and hands hang loose.
You can’t overestimate the FLAMING HEART of a being  who is  breathing  with Dream every moment!

Dream is something that creates meaning  for every
exhalation and inhalation. Is your life  still  filled with pressure and grief? Depression and pain? Where is your Dream? What were you dreaming of as a child? What kind of magic has Your Heart been  filled with?

True Force comes from the Heart… right from where your Dream resides!!

…, when you’re faced with a choice to either betray your Dream, to do something that goes against the CALL OF YOUR HEART… THE SONG OF ETERNITY in YOU, or to die… you choose death with a smile, because your DREAM doesn’t die in you – it brings you into a new LIFE!

The Dream is always, you see, ALWAYS beyond possibilities for ordinary people… it doesn’t matter what it is, but that’s the ETERNITY  singing  in Your* Heart about the Endlessness of Life, about the Boundlessness of the possibilities – about the FORCE that lets you BLAZE in the fire of Delight and Inspiration!!
Stop believing in your Dream ..
KNOW you can do it!!!