Nobody can forbid you to be yourself!

To be the   Source ( of EVERyTHING)!

It is YOU… you only…  who make a choice to betray your Eternal nature.


Everybody knows : the top point of selfishness is to start admiring yourself. How did we get to know about it? We were taught that Narcissus was looking at himself in the reflection of a mirror and…went crazy…hung  himself…killed all the children on the Earth…didn`t he? Oh-h my gosh!  No! He started to love himself!!!

So we remember now that to love yourself is equal to go and shoot yourself, kill your Mum or rape your own child. When we are praised we just try to brush it away. It` s kind of saying – well, it`s OK, nothing special. It literally  became to  sound  as a crime It`s normal when the others praise you but if you start praising yourself, admiring your body, your job, your personality and yourself in general…Admiring yourself as a GOD – the Source of everything…

Thanks to such a trick, now we hardly understand that we are capable  to love another person as well as we can love, respect and understand ourselves. And we can admire another person as much as we admire ourselves…so what about you? How much do you admire yourself?  Your body?

What is divinity? It is when you enjoy admiring  YOURSELF AS A GOD !

Let`s make it clear… Not the God who  is like a  mythical creature, a kind of a ruler whom you have to make sacrifices and ask for  mercy. That God  who  is  the  Source of Everything  that  exists with   Nature of Tenderness and Bliss  as well as Eternity. The  living  principle  of  existence, which  all of us are absolutely  the same in our nature.

We often refuse to choose our own DIVINITY. It turns up , there is no person or any other creature close to us who can share our Glory with us. As we can`t find a like-minded person, we just hide our Glory  inside, waiting for the moment to meet that very creature who is able to share THAT thing  which  is hidden deep inside us. We hid it when we refused to show, to reveal and – the most important – to be proud of  who WE truly ARE!

But the fact is, there is no such a moment or reason to stop being proud of yourself or revealing your Glory.  To Be the Source, the Eternity – just to be the power of Being YOURSELF  in  any situation, especially when there is nobody close to you who can share your Feelings, your Freedom and your Dance!

Try to say your Mum or your Granny :  I AM GOD! They will hush and scold you. They simply take it as a joke.  More advanced people   use the flexible form of denial : ALL OF US ARE GODS. I KNOW.

But to know and to feel it physically are too different things. You can either use Your Being GOD or you just live and suffer knowing that We Are All GODs. Suffering GODs for whom it is enough just to KNOW theoretically, from books, who they truly  are. They agreed with this information for the sake of living not so painfully.

And if you answer your Mum`s question or at school: - What do you want to be? – I want to Be a GOD!

Soon an ambulance will come and take you at least for your mental examination. God is a creature who can use the tools of  his  own body and manipulate the reality. And if you treat God as a mythical angry creature who looks like a man without dignity and respect – so naturally the desire to become a god will be automatically treated as a desire to become Hitler, Stalin and all the Tyrants in the world.


Not to betray yourself means to be aware of your  true needs, satisfy them and not to refuse them even for the sake of anybody else`s happyness (Leslav Sangiarovsky).

It may happen that no creatures  who look like your body will be close to you and nobody can understand and share your glory. But there is always the Planet, the Universe and the  Elements, Life and Peace, Space and every atom of Your BODY!!!!!

Only you refuse to be proud of yourself and manifest yourself. Only you choose…. WHAT YOU WANT TO BE!

How to be aware of your true needs, especially if the perception of them is connected with the   aggression of close people. The fact is that personal dignity as well as Awareness and respect ( self esteem) may provoke waves of aggression from those creatures who betrayed and go on betraying themselves as Eternity , ignoring their bodies, true needs and their Heart.

Just start being responsible for your  happiness and REMEMBER what it means -  to be proud and dance so that the hearts of other creatures around you could  be able to awake and see their own Glory.

The way to the Oneness is too easy.  Feel the Tenderness within  your body, deepening your experience up to feeling  of Bliss . Then make your feelings even deeper producing the Bliss of your tenderness up to the strong physical orgasm. And even deeper…deeper into yourself…

It`s too easy.  But it comes out  to be extremely difficult for those who are waiting for a magic pill or a Santa Claus  in a chopper in the middle of the summer.  That`s because you have to love yourself. And as I`ve mentioned already – it`s equal to killing your own child. And here we come across a particular trick: we`re LAZY and can see NO SENSE  in producing Tenderness  to our bodies. So, what else can we talk about?

You can find the way to the Oneness in feeling Tenderness – Bliss and Orgasm in your body.

Well, just remember about   descriptions of ecstatic conditions of the saints in different religions. Everyone of us is awaiting for somebody   who is not afraid of Being proud to be a GOD….  Awaiting  that he will come close to us and  start Dancing. We admire them, envy or hate  - but never even move to try, how it feels to be a GOD. Only you choose…what  you`ll BE!!!

You know, to say that you`re a bird and to be able to fly like a bird are two different conditions of the  body!!

The Universe is the pure principle of the Source . Does the Universe  harm  this world   by its existence? “the God” is a neuronal chain in the central nervous system of your body due to which all the processes are carried out  precisely according to the statement “I AM THE SOURCE OF THE EXISTENCE ” = I AM GOD.

When you become what you are you aren`t  able to do harm anyway. Your any state whether you are aggressive, joyful, tender or even if you kill somebody bring in itself powerful shine of the Sourse which means Harmony,  Blessedness, Unity or Eternity.

When you become what you Truly* are, you  aren`t  able to do harm anyway.  Any of your  state, whether you are aggressive, joyful, tender or even if you kill somebody, is  bring in itself powerful shine of the Source which means Harmony,  Bliss, Unity and  Eternity.

Naturally, you live beyond the sphere of personal happiness  and the others – those who live with Personal wishes – will feel aggressive and show it to you. But…it won`t have the same sense which was when you associated yourself with personality of Tom, Bill, Ann, etc…

Remember that it WAS YOU who forbade yourself to be proud of your  Eternal  Nature of the ONE*. You came here to DANCE, admiring and awakening the hearts of  other Dreaming and Suffering Gods with your Power to Be FREE in your true nature…Dancing in your Nature of the Eternal Oneness.

When you constantly keep up the centre of the Unite and Eternal Creature you become a pure Mirror and  other creatures  align balancing within  because they can see themselves entire in you deeply. And I`m speaking not of your silent presence  (though it   works greatly ) I want to tell that when you are conscious,  respect yourself, feel  Dignity as well as Pride with your body, Enjoy Divinity all the manipulations…in fact, manipulations are the only thing that people are scared of…they learn how to use manipulations to respond to manipulations…so, when you are, who you Truly* are even among human passions, people around you align balancing within  and they can see  both their pain and harmony at the same time!

How not to betray yourself?

To be as you are, to choose the  Source of Oneness  in sex even if nobody can understand you, even if you cannot have sex on the level that you need to! Because you will ALWAYS  attract  such kind of partner  what you are at this  moment, what  level of Oneness you are radiating…choose to radiate every moment.

To Be who  you Truly* are, to Be  the Source, to Be GOD even if nobody needs you and you are deprived of food and shelter!!!!!!!!

P.S:   If you understand  that you betray yourself, turn to yourself with Tenderness and Gratitude for this lesson and find out “WHY?”, and after that learn to be yourself ( To Be who  you Truly* are) in any case.