Why do we often leave attempts  to create something?
Because while you are at the focus of perceptionright” \wrong”,  you will be afraid of making mistakes.

Creating something  you should not try to fix the world or enlighten people about what you think is right from your experience of life.

Just create your own custom things  for the universe. Imagine  for a minute, there  are you and the strong, beautiful and great Universe. The universe fulfill every moment with magic. Everything is perfect.  If you  are in focus right” \wrong”, so what will you create in  the  perfect to every bit Universe? But, certainly you can try! *laughing*

Create what you want to for the beauty of the Universe and  all Being. Draw pictures to convey the depth of your Love, Kindness and Courage.  Write books and articles to share the depth of Love, but not the fear, the  depth of Courage, but not  despair, the depth of Oneness, but not separation on right” \wrong”.
 Create another one flower and tree. Not because you want to show  others how good you are as a person. Not because you want to tell something important all the peoples on planet. But just  cause  you  want to give another beautiful particle of creation to the Universe. For the Universe to play with  your creation as a child and to enjoy it.

You often say that  the boss or manager  bounds you to feel yourself  perfect whatever  you do. How can it be?  Who bounds to love you?  Who  bounds to  fulfill your  expectations?  And who bounds you to fulfill other people expectations?

 Love…. Loving yourself will teach you how to  perceive  things  like  colorful and bright mountains and  fields,  where you used to see  mistakes and darkness and   how to accept your own mistakes as experience o f soul.  Loving and accepting yourself   you will be able to see  how  other  people percept their  inner  parts as  some dark and evil.  But,  now you  know that these inner parts of others are as  shining, beautiful and great as  yours inner parts.  You can  recognize these inner parts of others as divine,  thanks to power of loving yourself.

Just  learn to love yourself  at any state. Love yourself whatever you are.  Learn to love yourself  living or dying,  making mistakes or  getting victory. Love yourself even when you fulfill others expectations  or not.

Your inner child is waiting, when you be able to see your divinity. Because then you  will perceive everything as THE ONE, the Source. You  will be able to see and , much more important, to feel  the motion of  unconditional love from one atom to another. The Love which is these atoms within!

Let  the desire to  fix ( correct)  go. Let the   desire to give something important  go.  Accept yourself and  learn to understand any of your inner parts that  appears.  Look at yourself and Love yourself  the  full heart within.  Create another one  flower and tree … another one  car or house.. Create the toys for the Universe . Create  your unique creations for us all  to play and enjoy it .