Overcome self pity and return from wrong doing
Self worth is acquired through self discipline and self-development
The progress from hard work can not lost in spite of setbacks.

Disruptions in our relationships provide occasions for improving attitudes and for learning lessons. In any event the relationship will be restored when the time is right.

Clarity of mind, detachment and inner strength is not something created through intention, or effort; it occurs when we are in are in harmony with our true self and therefore the Cosmos.

We may be required by our principles to go alone but remain open minded about others. Make no attempt to overlook or justify wrong actions however keep a moderate view. Take care not be infected; retreat and maintain standards without falling into alienation or vengeance. The power of good is inseparable from a moderate view point and modest attitude.

Enlightenment is a continuous and conscientious effort, Putting forth a 100% to undermine our ego we form a partnership with the source.  Once this partnership is formed be careful not to abuse it.

Knowing the truth there is no need to straighten things out, become to cool, being too hard, or feelings of disdain or alienation.

It is not done by yourself alone, it is a gift from a Higher Power.

Relinquish any feelings of self pity along or the need to defend ones view
When challenged, we succeed in remaining modest.

Do not seek vindication for our views and recognition of our ways of life. This returns us to dependency on others and the lose of independence that lead to enlightenment.

We unconsciously influence others. Do not seek to retain this influence. Resist the temptation to be dependent on the effect we are having or not having on others. That way we maintain our inner dependence and the unconscious power associated with it.