Life Lessons from Mystie - the Mystical, Magical Dragonfly: 

What you think about anything and everything is very important, since your thoughts help create your experience.

  • You can't fly without focused thinking.

What you feel deeply, whether it be fear based or loved based, will also help create your experience.

  • I suggest you choose love.
  • You can’t fly without feeling love.

Things are always and in all ways changing. Focusing on positive thoughts and feelings is a great way to move through change. It’s not always easy, but practice makes perfect.

  • You will have lots of opportunities to practice!
  • When your wings aren’t balanced with positive thoughts and feelings, you can’t fly in a new direction.

Grief is a universal experience. Grief is a very personal experience. Go figure.

  • Walking through life with dragged-down wings is not as much fun as flying through life. But it’s okay to walk through life when you grieve.

Since we’re all a part of a loving, intelligent universe, your true nature is Loving Intelligence.

Living from your true nature creates a loving, joyful life.

Dragonflies (and people) do the dumbest things when they forget about their true nature. Don’t forget your true nature!

  • It can be very painful to live without realizing your true nature…ouch!

Dolphins make great friends and excellent teachers. Try to befriend one if you can. They are masters of living from their true nature !

  • My best earth friend is Lark, a bottle-nosed dolphin. She is very compassionate and smart.

If you're wondering how I became so wise for being a dragonfly, read my diary -- Mystie Comes to Earth, or Diary of a Magical Dragonfly
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