It seems to be the common thought of the day that spirituality can be found through rigorous study of holy text or self help guides. The undertone I hear is that more knowledge is the gate for epiphanies, and self actualization of divine character. Rhetoric, philosophy and dialogue were a big part of the Roman Greco culture that carries on today. I have been one to study, research and dig for answers, but the times and places in my life where I sensed a divine thought or touch that brought peace to my soul was experienced in the context of everyday life. It was not dependent on memorizing sacred texts or spiritual disciplines. They have been moments of grace to me that have refreshed my soul. God seems real to me, but I don't know how to explain why, I just know that know in my spirit. If frontal lobe study could bring someone closer to God you would think the world would be filled with the character with God. We still lust and war for selfish desires contrary to finding contentment and fulfillment in the divine.