As a young woman wondering through the old, narrow streets of the unknown town, soul wanders through the world of shadows - looking, searching, longing.

 As a woman, climbing through one of the streets leading to the upper town before the sunset, soul wonders through experiences driven by fleshes of some light-full memory, like an old promise, that something, someone waits for her - something, someone, that will make her free and fulfilled forever.

 As woman climbs sloping street, through one of the open windows comes to the street refrain of the pop song:

 Whenever, wherever
We're meant to be together
I'll be there and you'll be near
And that's the deal my dear.

 And she stops for the moment. Her breath and her heartbeat calm down and her mind becomes quite.

 And soul stops too for the moment.

 And in that stopped moment, when time and all movements disappeared, something extraordinary happened.

As if life suddenly light up!

 And soul hears the silent words:

 Stop looking outside, always elsewhere;

I am inside, always here and now;

Remember and come!


I am the One which knows you since ever,

since life forgotten in the Land of Silent Light.

 I am the One you are looking for;

One with you;

Remember and stay!