Introduction to Eva’s Blog:

Mary Magdalene first introduced herself to me while I was driving to my daughter’s school about a year ago. Her first words to me were that we have work to do together. She shared the assignment and asked if I would trust her to be my guide in completing an important task. Once I realized that this was actually happening I agreed and followed her instructions step by step on what turned out to be a miraculous four week journey.

Before this encounter I knew very little about Mary Magdalene or her historical significance. Throughout my adult life I would call myself a spiritual seeker and have deep personal beliefs about who I am and the meaning of my life. Overall, I have kept my personal spiritual beliefs quite private and I could not have been more surprised when the events that led me to this material took place.

As I received her wisdom, I found each of Magdalene’s messages to be timeless and similar to the essential teachings of all great spiritual disciplines. Her words reveal deep universal truths and are now offered here to those who are also ready to consciously embark on the journey of advancing their own soul.

The complete story of my journey with Magdalene can be found in my book being published, A Guide to Advancing Your Soul which includes my entire spiritual experience and suggestions for how to incorporate her wisdom into a daily spiritual practice. This blog was created both as a companion to the complete book and is also designed as a stand-alone for those who desire to receive ongoing messages from Magdalene. May they enrich the soul of humanity.
Your messenger, Eva Rose.

Your Message from Magdalene: Expand Your Horizon.

Expand the horizon of who you currently believe yourself to be. Whatever you believe yourself to be, you are truly so much more. Many of you have been bound by limited thoughts and visions. Your true greatness does not understand earthly limitation. Humanity has defined artificial limits on infinite beings and this is the counterintuitive irony you all live with. Remaining small serves no true purpose and is not the way of the Divine. No one ever made a difference from living inside a box. Be bold. Break free from the confined existence that no longer serves you or the life you came here to live.

The horizon of the Soul is vast and radiant. You can choose to experience this exquisite beauty in human form. Do not wait to return to Spirit to know your divinity. Begin to expand your horizon by making a commitment. Commit to embracing your divinity and your world will become limitless. Walk the path of the Divine. I will show you the way.” - Mary Magdalene.

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