This is the time we all need to come together and be one thing that never stops, goes on forever in our minds, in our souls, we are everything we have ever told, have ever thought, have ever sought, we are a union of one that has become so separated we don't even care, we just want to get by with what we have, which isn't much compared to the treasures we once had in our pot, but now, now, so old and so young, it is right now that has to change in order for anything to REALLY become something new, something you, something incredibly stewed, and by that I mean mixed together, blending flavors and differences and served up into a dish with a spoon that somebody eats away and uses, digesting all the material, and starting the cycle over again in their head, because if it wasn't there, it would be somewhere else, and what better place to start creating reality?  We think, and then it happens, we think, I'll go to the store, and we do.  Did it just come to you?  Where did that thought come from?  Ourselves.  It came from you.  You thought that, and you were aware that you did.  That's why I am writing this, to tell you that I am also aware of myself, and I think that's a really good thing.  People can tell me to do all these different things, but I'm gonna tell you the same thing I told them, and that is, if I am alive, I must be doing something right, because right now, I am truly happy in my world, I have a family that I love more than anything, but doesn't understand who I am, or who they are.  Since they think they know who they are, though, they are still alive.  Pretty tricky, huh?  Well, our minds like to play games, and play games we do!!!  Ever put eggs in the laundry basket?  Or put the green tea in the freezer instead of the pantry?  Well, you aren't losing your mind, your mind is just extremely bored, so it may die pretty soon, unless you start thinking something a little more exciting than the daily life that we all live know.  Get up, get some coffee, go sit in your box at work, answer phones, and then, at the end of the day, spend some time with your kids, and do that for the rest of your life.  After that, retire, and sit on the couch.  You wonder why you think you are losing your mind?  You aren't using it.  Kids use their imaginations all the time, they are sponges, they learn so fast that they are telling you what you forgot to do.  Until we start telling them that THIS is reality.  Sorry kid, but it doesn't get any better.  I know, I know, it has for thousands of years, we have come along way since the cave men, but we are going to stop evolving now.  Why?  Because I need more money, because it um...makes me happy.  Don't I look happy?  Oh, hold on, I have to go to bed now so I can leave you for eight hours again tomorrow.  But I do love you, you know.  Money is just more important than love.  That's for sure. 
As human beings, we feel we are not capable of any other reality than this one that we are so trapped in.  We think that there is no other way, and that is why we see what we do everyday.  If we thought something better, it would happen, because consciousness makes you aware of your reality.  You are creating your own reality.  Think good thoughts, good things happen.  It's hard, because everyone around you is so negative.  Surround yourself with what you LOVE.  Love is what brings us all together, and connects everything together like peaches and cream and like people on a team, if we work together faster this will happen as soon as we master the skills that we will learn, if we have the will to learn.  We don't know those skills now because we never needed to, but if we don't soon, we are going to lose this game that we set up for ourselves.  You see, we forgot everything, and most of the world has not remembered yet, but some people have, and the ones who have are trying to make it known, but everybody is so locked into this world, they are prone to boredom and a straight, even line for the rest of their lives.  I'm going to tell you now:  the only thing you have to do, is TRUST.  That's it.  It may seem like you are obviously not doing the right thing, but if something inside you TELLS you to do something, then DO IT!!!  That's YOU in there!!!  Who did you think it was?  Come on!  What is it, like some little elf inside your head?  No, it is you.  Right now, you are thinking what you are thinking.  You are what you are.  So start loving yourself for you, because you aren't anyone else.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, I promise you that.  And if you think that there is, it is because everyone else has been lying to themselves and you.  Love is what connects the world together.  We love because it's fun, and it totally works for us.  I mean, look at what it has done so far?  It definitely populated our world, that's for sure, we have that one covered.  It also makes people smarter, because loving what you do makes life more fun, and the more fun it is, the more we do it, and the more we do it, the better it gets, so loving makes life better, and a lot more interesting.  Face it right now.  Humans are freaking awesome!  Look at what we have done!  Was it just some chance that we went from being cave men, to being able to talk to somebody across the world in a matter of seconds?  No.  I can tell you that for sure!!!  We have the capabilities to do so much more than we are now, our minds are getting used, so we are getting smarter, but using the knowledge in the most ridiculous of ways.  We don't even need to use tools anymore.  If everybody concentrated on the same thing, it would happen.  Just like when more than one person concentrates on getting something done, it happens faster.  We just don't think of it that way, and that's why we don't realize it.  Focused energy is something that we should all be truly amazed at, but we don't think about it!  Do you see a pattern?  If we don't think of something, it doesn't happen.  If we do think something, it does.  Hmm...ever think of that?  I think not.  But I am going to start thinking that everybody knows everything so that we can get this ball rolling into a new world that is so amazing it will blow everything in the direction of the only way it can go, and that way is called every way, because it's not just one thing, it's everything.  It all matters, everything that has ever happened matters.  Why does it matter?  Because we made it.  We made that happen, and some things we know we don't want to do again, and so we  don't, we learn from our mistakes and make better, smarter people who will survive in all sorts of crazy situations by adapting to the atmosphere around them, hence sun tans and dark hair and also warm clothing so that we don't freeze to death.  We wouldn't want that to happen, now would we!  I mean, I don't even THINK about dying, because sometimes when I think, things happen.  You all the time.  ALL THE TIME is the exact same thing as NOW.  Let me tell you something, there is NO STOPPING NOW.  Nope, it never ends, it just keeps going and going forever, not like the energizer bunny because we have all had a dead battery before, and this is LIFE we are talking about, the act of LIVING, you know....I think you know how to live.  Right?  Well, I must be right if you are reading this, and I am so glad that you are alive, because the more people that are even reading this, the better, even if they don't agree, because then it is on their minds, and their minds eye may detect something important enough to see again sometime in the near future, like.....NOW.  Now, your heart is telling you something that you may be trying to push out, but if you listen, I promise you, that you will know forever the heart of the plan that will lead you to your home that is just around the corner of the store that you buy green beans from, and on down the road, out of town to the free way.  That's where we should all be going, and I'm not talking about the road with 50 millions cars with the carpool lane, because that only leads you to nowhere special, and that place isn't as cool as a place that there is only discovery to be found, and to be founded by you, as you are the person who is in control of what you do at all times, you just don't THINK so.  You think, but I have to go to work tomorrow to make my day just right, but NO!!!!!!!!!!!! KNOW!!!! Trust yourself and you will go places you have never been before and it is unimagineable!  That's why you haven't been there before.  However, if you open up, you will see the light as clearly as if it were you.  Why would that be?  Because it is you.  You.  You are.  You are everything.  I love you so much and please......just trust and you will find the truth and laugh at everything that has ever happened.