I have tried to reach nirvana forever, it is hopeless, I remember the entire eternity, no one knows my hell. My theory is that surviving in one lifetime, enough hell that no one else could ever do, it cuts out the memory-erase that we come here with. Living without this memory erase is one bad infinite trip. I know little about the B religion, only that it somehow has people in it with enough sub-conscious memory to this hell, that they desire the great oblivion. Once you are here, you always have been and will be, time is just an illusion of mortal world lifetimes. There must be some way to make a deal with a nonexistor to trade with us, theyu think they want this and we know better, this is only my theory, and I know that astral realm gods would do anything to obtain a way out of this, and use games to distract against this, I do not agree with their method, and they have become my enemies in this lifetime for me, making an all ready unbearable hell far worse. My entire story is told on 5 blogs on blogger.com, and on my website, www.morianity-foundation.com. I hope to be accepted into this organization and wish desperately to share my infinite hell, 'with awareness' with whoever may listen and poerhaps we can help each other.
Hello to anyone willing to listen to my plight. I am very tired, cannot say much right now, my story is all up on the blogger.com site and my website, and I have blogged earlier today and am worn out. I have always dreamed of obtaining nirvana, but I know more than anyone else alive, why it is so wonderful to not exist, and thbat is that I have full total enlightenment that I do exist, always have and will, it is a nightmare beyond any description and my blogs and site tell many stories. I sincerely hope to meet lots of nice people on this site that I can share the frustrations of non ending beingness really is. Thank you for being here, wherever here is, we all know the only true reality is existence without interaction or the great Roman VI, Void Infinity, oneness. From here we all dream out and away into interactions, but these silly realms and existences are just endless loops of hell. The happiest person alive is clueless what he or she would give to escape this misery, if they had total cobnscious recall to it that is.  I am usually a total windbag who would rant on forever, but am just too worn out tonight.