A message for all to remember through times of stress and hardship.

Divine Love will conquer all

After being "lost" for some years a recent occurance in my life has restored my faith.  An aquaitance of mine was suffering terrible upheaval in her life and she had confided in me on a number of occasions.  Due to circumstances outwith my control I was unable to see her for sometime and her problems faded as I dealt with my own.  Then one night I had a very vivid dream of her - we were in some far off country jungle in a valley very remote, there we were trying to battle evil demons taking on human form, it was only by having faith in divine love we were able to defeat them and survive.  I awoke with this on my mind, unable to shake it out of my thoughts.  Later the same day whilst at a local group who should turn up but my aquaintance, she was very depressed and said she couldn't understand it but she had felt compelled to come to the group that day.  Upon hearing this I related the dream saying I felt it must be a message for her.  She burst into tears of happieness and thanked me, it was just what she needed to hear, the look on her face will last with me forever and I am happy to report she is a much happier person these days.

So if in doubt, trouble or stress just try and reach out for that divine love and the path will become clear.