God is present everywhere and in the heart of every living being. Some attributes that belong to divine include purity, honesty, forgiveness, kindness and calmness. If god lies in everyone, every person should exhibit such characteristics but in reality there are very few people who are blessed with such divine qualities. These people are spiritually enlightened and as they are close to god. But unfortunately majority of the people are different to these spiritual beings as they have never experienced godliness within them. As a result they suffer from problems like lack of concentration, anxiety, stress, haste and sleeplessness.

Even these suffering people can realize god within them through meditation and spirituality. Spirituality takes you closer to your soul which lies deep within you just like god. You are required to learn meditation to achieve power to reach deep inside you. Meditation requires you to concentrate on your breadth. A lot of people whose concentration is very poor find it somewhat difficult to concentrate on their breadth. For such people active meditation technique of Osho works really well. As active meditation technique involves people to remain active by indulging in activities like dancing, stretching exercise, singing in communion and so on. These techniques are easy to learn for everyone and make it possible for them to reach closer to god.