Osho was a famous spiritual teacher of India who has number of disciples spread all over the world. He begun his journey to spirituality in Pune than traveled to Mumbai and also spend a lot of time in US. Anyone who is seeking nirvana can join one of the Osho’s meditation groups. People learn active meditation techniques here in group by performing various activities like stretching, dancing, humming and singing in groups. All these techniques are interesting and anyone can learn them effortlessly.

Once you master these techniques you observe benefits of these techniques on your mind, body and most importantly your soul. It calms down your mind slowly and steadily, improves your concentration, enhances your potential and confidence. You feel that you are closer to god through your soul. This feeling and experience is what is known as realization. In the past it was believed that your are required to go to places like Himalayas and part yourself from materialistic possessions in order to experience realization. But now Osho has made it possible for you to realize your soul without requiring you to isolate from materialistic world.