Osho, the famous spiritual guru of India introduced a number of meditation techniques which are modern in nature. They are referred to as modern because they are innovation and are result of scientific research. They are exciting as well for they comprise of dancing, singling, humming and singing in groups. These modern techniques of meditation are aimed at enlightening people to rise above the normal. The key is to improve concentration of learners by encouraging them to indulge in activities which they like and enjoy. This relieves their mind from day to day stress and feeling of anxiety.

When you mind is free of such troubles your concentration improves and you are better of focusing on your breath in such a scenario. Osho has millions of followers in all parts of the world who have benefited from the spiritual teachings imparted by experienced spiritual guru’s at meditation centers of Osho. These disciples are taught tried and tested meditation techniques in most systematic manner. All you need to do is enroll for Osho’s group meditation courses conducted at their different centers located in all parts of the world. These centers provide excellent environment for meditation filled with cool and calm environment.