In this norm of friction life, you think you endure allot but yet even as much as you could ever endure, there is still a means for you to stay on track and not disorganize the ways of life complimentary with scheme, to over react in any way is reason to declare that you are pushing yourself forth heavy.

You have heard that reincarnation does not suit well with paradise-prone salvation, in this life as it is, there are many factors to being made whole, and these many factors I speak of come from an enlightment to carry on precious or of good efforts come. If you think that Buddha and Jesus contend, you are much mistaken, the God of creation, this God who is authority God, would rather consent with a foreigner of sweet implementing then a native Jew who curses his way for life. Reincarnation, is a way for people to regenerate their condolences to transform their spirit due to cause and effect of what is risen from our own concepts of what we trust, but paradise-prone Salvation is a way of refuge further till that does in fact recreate hope more suitable and extends forth to offer a final remedy for humanity instead of being a person who is rebirthed time and time again, so Paradise-prone salvation is meant to free the souls from their cycles and quests that are hard to bear with, this I mean to say that the paradise salvation is ultimate rather then having many lifetimes to just achieve a certain way of approach.

Reincarnation is very possible, just like karma is like so. It is true that we reincarnate forth for the lessons we lacked in the past lives, reincarnation is about learning lessons and not about being fancier like becoming a swan or a diamond ring. Believe that ye are saved. If you answer yes to this, then surely you must have a certain pressure to achieve or else without pressure we are nothing. Jesus is the one who got murdered for leading that He Himself would compromise to defeat all evils, thing that no man could have dared alone but with the grace of God and promises thereof, I dare say that Jesus knew so well that one day there would be many churches distinct from one another claiming different ways of Christianity, if they claim salvation, then they are no better then them who trust in Jesus without a church to remain in who are attracted with full spirit for authority. Buddha did question himself many times, and thus, Buddha learned to approve God over the course of His life because he said that "Only he who understands himself well can truly overcome anything" and so Buddha child leaned on not satisfying with the excuses for anything that does away with compliment going, thing that God is forth the true devout like we know who.

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