You have heard many a preacher say that in order to heal yourself you must let go of all the anxieties, but I tell you otherwise in order to heal yourself become as a child not withered by the movements of this abnormal world.

You can not respect yourself if you are going to step on people, because if you declare respect possible, then you should also claim respect for others just as much as you do to yourself, this respect is the truest form of relish not a sideway gain but a total involvement of being suitable fuller.

The letter kills, but word of charity roots up sustain to the self, the word that truly sustains is a caring word, thus the word kills due to it's improvisations that bind brought down mildness in sort of unsustaining evidence without a word for charity which is a caring and docile word, the word of the spirit is a gain sake word, the word of God is pure life because everything that sustains is supportive even onto edification and self sustain, and so the word of God is help for the person who should be willing to compromise to good news in written which is called the spiritual language. So I also say that the word of God is universal and can not be constrained by anyone for that anyone's own fallacy because the word of God is unshaken.
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