Why does watching a bird soar through the air instill such a sense of awe? Why does the sound of chimes, the crash of an ocean wave, or the trickle of a fountain instill such deep peace? I am sure a researcher could give you some biological explanation for the effect, or a therapist could create a psychological explanation, but from the soul perspective it is pretty straight forward… you are having a soul memory.

Though these physical lives are very significant for each soul that chooses them, the reality is they are only a small fragment of the life of the soul. We spend a much larger portion of our time in the non-physical realm. It serves the soul on many levels to forget the non-physical life and previous lives on earth when first arriving this time around. It allows the soul to experience the life “anew” and play the part it agreed to play to more effectively experience the lessons it chose this time around. But there are some soul memories that remain though we may not understand them as such.

The familiarity of the soaring bird reflects our non-physical life where there is no heavy gravity and we are weightless. This also explains why so many of us have flying dreams where we just seem to be able to “turn on a switch” or shift our consciousness in some way and up we go into the air.

The sound of the chimes and crash of the ocean wave is a soul memory of the non-physical as well. Others who have been regressed to the time between lives through hypnotherapy often describe a consistent calming sound like the ocean, chimes or otherworldly instruments with a sweet, calming sound.

So, now that you understand how these precious experiences reflect a beautiful connection to our greater home, I hope you take the time to appreciate them even more. Take the time to really soak up the higher vibration they elicit. Ground in their healing effects. They are one of the many supportive tools we are provided in this physical life to help us remember who we truly are and what our natural state really feels like. They are our beacons home. Not back to the home between lives (that will happen all on its own in time), but they, instead are a reminder that we choose to be incarnated at this auspicious time to create that experience of “home” right here on earth. That, my friends, that is the calling of the times… http://expandingjoycoaching.com/blog/