We come across number of problems in our lives. God brings problems in our lives to tech us lessons, to make us strong and tougher. In short all happens for nothing but for our own good. But sometimes we lack in adequate strength to deal with our problems. We find it difficult to manage all the work due to these problems in our lives which could be anything like health problem, family disputes, traffic problems and office politics and so on. One way is to run away from them but other option which is better for you is to deal with your problems by the power of spirituality.

Spirituality is concerned with becoming holy and divine in nature. And first step toward becoming spiritual in nature is meditation. Meditation is all about living in now that is, forgetting about your past as well as future. While doing meditation you just concentrate on your breath and you achieve an amazing sense of relaxation of mind. Mental relaxation can also be achieved by practicing another method of meditation founded by Osho known as active meditation. This technique involves very interesting activities such as singing, dancing, clapping and alike. This brings happiness in your life and your problem goes away just like that.