We spend a lot of time thinking about unnecessary issues and this thinking not only wastes our precious time but also waste a lot of energy which could be used for other better actions. So the question here is how to stop thinking and start doing useful acts in life. For this you need a change in your attitude. You are required to go through a major transformation in life. This can be facilitated by bringing in spirituality in your life through meditation. Meditation can be practiced through a number of ways which include breathing exercises, tai chi, active meditation of Osho to name a few.


Generally people who want to learn meditation are taught deep breathing exercise technique to learn meditation however there are many people who find it difficult to concentrate on their breath while sitting in a stationary position. Osho's active meditation technique proves very feasible for all such people as it is comparatively easier to learn and practice. It involves enthralling tasks like singing, listening to music, humming and laughing. When you start indulging in these techniques you stop thinking about unnecessary issues in your life and start doing better acts of your life. So start doing meditation as soon as possible.

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