Osho a very famous spiritual teacher from India has introduced modern techniques for doing meditation which include exciting activities like singing, dancing, clapping and laughing to name a few. These are referred to as modern because they do not make it mandatory for the learner to sit in a stationary position and part with their materialistic possessions. A person can continue with his or her regular day to day cores and learn this interesting technique of meditation simultaneously.


This form of Meditation is not a new to us as even Shiva, god of Hindus use to practice it by dancing in a very intense manner even when he was angry. It was his means to control his mind in different situations. Thus, Osho is simply following the same technique with added activities of laughing in group, listening to music and even crying all the tears out to give much needed freedom to your soul. This mental state is ideal for becoming spiritual in nature. Being spiritual adopting spirituality in your life is a brilliant experience as you become more positive, divine and confident as a person. So, achieve it by singing and dancing on the tune of spirituality.    

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