Ever heard of active meditation? It is the most modern technique of meditation under which you perform very engaging and exciting activities like clapping, stretching, listening to music, singing and laughing to name a few. These activities are performed in group which makes them even more interesting. The idea is to feel free by liberating your soul and opening your heart. The environment is full of celebration and everyone is happy and engrossed in these delightful activities.

It is amazing way to relax your mind from daily burdens and problems of life. When you get involved in doing these meditation techniques you forget about all your worries and complex issues of life and their only one thing on your mind, that is, enjoy yourself. This results in a cool and calm mind ideal for adopting spirituality in your life. These techniques were designed by a famous Indian spiritual philosopher known as Rajneesh Osho. Anyone can be part of group of followers of Osho by enrolling for group meditation course for active meditation conducted by their institute known as Oshodhara. This course is available at quite a reasonable price considering the benefits associated with it, so what are you waiting for common and make the best of this great opportunity.