Here is a wonderful reminder that often all it takes is a shift in perspective to experience the prosperity that you desire. And often, the solution is right in front of your nose…

For Todd, change was in the air. He had committed to the vibration of prosperity and it was time to move energy! A key component of living in the vibration of prosperity is working with the Law of Circulation, the universal law that simply states – As you give out energy to the universe lovingly and freely, you will receive back an equivalent or more. So, Todd was ready to purge!

So, now it was time to tackle his closet. As he looked in his closet he noticed that though he had a lot of clothing, there were very few pieces that he enjoyed wearing. He dug through all his clothing and removed all the pieces he no longer wore.

As he looked at the pile of clothing, he notice some pieces he simply no longer felt drawn to wear. They were a vibrational match to his past, not his present experience. As he looked as them with appreciation, he thought of a friend who would probably really enjoy many of them and figured the rest could go to someone at a thrift store that would just relish in the great find. (Todd had impeccable taste…)

Then there was another pile of clothing that he felt really drawn to but that just never fit him quite right. And then it hit him… He gathered them all up and took them to a local tailor. With a few minor hems and adjustments for a minor cost, the clothing that had sat in his closet for years transformed!

When he returned home and hung up all the tailored clothing next to the current items in the closet he was astounded. He had purged over 1/2 of his closet, and yet now had twice as many pieces of clothing that he loved to wear without ever having to purchase any new items!

This is the power of prosperity consciousness. Get that energy moving and be open to ALL the creative ways that prosperity can show up for you. A little change in perspective can make all the difference!

(Based on a true story!)