You may be somewhere between wondering about enlightenment and enjoying the beautiful experience of your real Self.  That is what The Path of Enlightenment is; the continuing path of experiencing, enjoying and becoming you.  In this blog I, we, will consider ideas that further our maturity on our path of enlightenment.

This is a very personal path that cannot be traveled as a follower.  Each one of us on this path is here as a result of our own personal effort.

For this reason, I share my ideas and thoughts as I travel.  Thoughts that open my understanding so that I can make my personal choices.  I believe these thoughts can be utilized by others to help them walk their path, directing each one to listen to their own feelings and desires.

Welcome to the path of enlightenment.  May your journey bring great joy as you allow and love yourSelf more each day.

I honor and bless you and your path.