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Compassion Articles

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    How to Deal with Insult and Injury

    Even if another person is at fault, if you know how to adapt, adjust and accommodate you are rise above those situations. Still, the most difficult thing is to bear insult and injury. That needs a tremendous capacity to keep the mind under your thumb.
    The evolution of one’s self through the process of awakening within the dream of all dreams comes forward at this time to timestamp this day, entering into 2015 and moving forward into 2016. This transformational time is a time of bringing forward the awakening thoughts into your mind, heart and spirit to find those thoughts of truth seeding themselves into your lives. It is the time to start separating yourself from the future, freeing yourself to embrace it and to let go of the past that is blocking you from seeing your way forward, cementing the way into the future by closing the door of the past.

    Forced Connections vs Choice Connections

    As you have forced connections and choice connections in your life, the purpose of your life is to diminish the forced connections and increase the choice connections. It is meant to free yourself of having to have forced connections, of having to go through situations just to get through. Life will never be simple, but choosing a different perspective to view it in will make it less and less difficult to function. You have the power within to decide what your life will look like, who will be in that life, who you choose to have a relationship or connection with.

    Offensive Living Vs. Defensive Living

    Are you learning out of love or are you reacting to life’s situations out of fear?

    Life Transitions

    Does the unknown scare you enough that you settle with the life you have instead of moving forward onto the life you desire? Transitions in life are those times on your path when decisions bring more decisions, affecting more decisions and so forth. Surrounding these decisions are emotions of uncertainty. Which choice should I make? Which way should I go? Am I doing the right thing?
    We are all one. Those on the other side affect us and we can also influence them. You can help your loved ones who have passed over through Moving through your life's challenges Forgiveness and Living Your life to the Fullest.

    Are you living life to your full potential?

    Is negativity a cloud that hangs over you? Are you fearful about what is going on in the world now? Do you feel that no matter what you do, in the end you feel empty inside? Do you feel like there is something missing in your life, a desire that never gets fulfilled? More money, drugs, sex, power, religion, food, tv, movies, addictive behaviors, negative emotions, houses, marriage, kids, pets, toys, fun, career and on and on and on since time began. http://lightofatlantis.com"

    2 choices to live and die by, Love or Fear

    If there is a hell, this must be it. People who don?t believe in God (& some who do) always say if God is so loving then why is there so much suffering here? Well, this is a place of learning and correction. And this place is not the end all of our existence. It is just the starting point. We evolve as spirit while we are here in flesh. http://lightofatlantis.com

    The power of forgiving

    Forgivness is a spiritual law that punches through the boundries of race, religion, or creed. Forgivness is required of all of us, at one time or another. Both sides of forgivness will cross our paths be it forgiving somone or someone forgiving us. The old saying you must forgive to be forgiven is more than just an old saying, its a universal spiritual law.

    Awakening Sensitivity

    In deep meditation, these knots begin to become unraveled. The hard outer core that we have defined ourselves to be starts to become undone. All the ways we learned to protect ourselves are surrendered and again we become sensitive.
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