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Compassion Articles

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    Osama and the Karma of State-sponsored Killing

    We participate in the collective karma of our nation and will harvest its outcome. But what we contribute to our collective fate depends on the level of our awareness.

    Tenderness, Inch By Glorious Inch

    "God's heart is more gentle than the Virgin's first kiss upon the Christ" ~ St. Catherine of Siena

    Thinking With the Heart: An Avenue to Divine Love

    In our society it’s common to revere the brain’s intelligence and see the emotions as loose cannons we need to control. This view has caused us to forget other forms of intelligence that can take us where the brain never will.


    It has been a busy day here in South Wales. My grandson is now named, Jacob James, lovely names for a beautiful baby boy. What a miracle to see new life beginning. And in the midst of life there is death too with the death of the mother of a friend of mine and the sudden death of a friend of my own. And also a reminder today to be kind, kind to others and kind to ourselves too. This daily inspiration from "A String of Pearls" March 16 reminds us to be kind.

    Bodhicitta Rising

    On a spiritual pilgrimage to Japan, a native-born roommate opened my eyes to true selflessness.

    Sharing Pleasure

    On a retreat with Sogyal Rinpoche, i discovered what it meant to enjoy nondualistic delight.  By simply giving us a glimpse of his heart, Sogyal Rinpoche was trying to teach us that boundless generosity in which no experience, even the greatest bliss of enlightenment, is held for oneself. In that moment it was easy to see how genuine the feeling was for him, how natural such a human response could be, if we allowed it.

    Not Your Grandma's Heaven

    When two conscious mediums opened their doors of perception, Heaven came calling. But to their surprise, so did Hollywood. Pamela Bloom, one of the channels, reveals what it was like to receive transmissions from Walter Cronkite, Michael Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Amelia Earhart, Paul Newman, and Walt Disney, and concludes with a powerful and moving excerpt from John Lennon.
    The prayer of faith in the Lord is thanks to human life that we have in our lives and send greetings to the love of peace and prosperity for all peoples of the world. But how can the love of peace and prosperity that we, this is the experience and feeling, by invoking the conscience during prayer ..

    From Victim to Liberator: The Power of Compassion

    I was on a meditation retreat in the south of France when a visiting master's story about persecution in Tibet totally transformed my understanding of compassion. An audience of over three hundred Western students of Buddhism waited quietly for him to speak. He was about forty years old, quite tall and broad-shouldered for a Tibetan with an enormous presence likea mountain, though he barely smiled.

    Living Beauty - The Connection Between All Life

    When I began to study a spiritual form of Japanese flower-arranging called Ikebana-Sangetsu, I discovered I was slowly developing a deeper understanding of the connection between all life.
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