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Compassion Articles

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    Love Letter To The World

    When we wake up each morning, do we give orders for the sun to pass over the sky, for the birds to start singing, for all the creatures to awake and go about their business?

    Holodynamics: Compassion meets physics

    Holodynamics is a powerful alchemic approach to healing and transforming oneself.  Holodynamics uses the newest understanding in physics to map out the workings of consciousness. It creates a framework, understanding and methodology for tackling deeply embedded issues

    Loving Peace

    It is in the stillness of our heart that we find the peace we seek in the world. It is the connection deep within to the very source of our being where we recognize the oneness of life. It is here that we transcend the duality of perceived right and wrong thinking, judgment, control and attachment.

    The Truth Contest

    This is a contest to find and spread the truth about life and death, the ultimate truth. Give us some truth. You may represent religion, philosophy, science, or yourself.

    The Importance of a Vegetarian Diet

    The cow is a mother to mankind whom we should love,respect and protect. Her milk is the life blood for many species, including humans. Her dung provides fuel and bricks for millions of rural families across Asia . Her urine is medicine for the sick. When she dies her skin provides us warmth and protection through clothing.

    Why Separation Occurs

    Separation occurs every time we think Me first or Mine first. Simple as that. Separation occurs every time we think that we are cuter, sexier, smarter, richer, gentler, more understanding more … more … more than the person in the queue in front of us. Separation occurs whenever we think we are more deserving than someone else. Separation occurs when we think that as long as we act for the benefit of our children, our family, our friends, we can push someone, anyone, out of the way to obtain whatever it is we are after.

    Searching for the Moment

    ?Another illusion is that we are awake. When we realize that we are asleep, we will see that all history is made by people who are asleep. Sleeping people fight, make laws; sleeping people obey or disobey them. The worst of our illusions are the wrong ideas among which we live and which govern our lives,? wrote P.D. Ouspensky. This article deals with the importance of being *awake* within the moment that defines all others ? the moment that is right under our feet.

    Accept People As They Are

    Accept things as they are, people as they are. Don't demand anything. The minute you learn to respect and see both sides of the coin as equally good, you can enjoy both.

    Accept Yourself and You Heal Your Soul

    Healing your soul, Is truly in your hands. In your hearts language, In it's fight to keep you whole. Healing by telling yourself, that you care about you. That you want to be prudent to your soul. That you want to be your best And that sometimes when you don't feel you are your best.
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