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    Advaita Vedanta - How to Reach Nondual Consciousness

    When attention directly experiences this moment, it experiences itself. Because When attention is freed from being bound by mental perception, all that is left is attention. Consciousness is all that there is. It's everywhere and everything.

    Living in Oneness: From A Live Satsang

    You feel both the oneness and the sense of you & everything else. But that everything else is still oneness. People make sandcastles on the beach. They make dolphins, mermaids all out of sand on the beach. Write their names in the sand. You can be aware of all of these things, but they are all made of sand. That essential oneness remains

    Transcending Separation & Nondual Awareness

    If you release yourself from being involved with subject/object, definitions, descriptions judgments, then where am I and where are you? Where is this idea of me and you? It's not here. There is just formless consciousness.

    Falling in Love with Peace

    When you fall in love with this peace, you're home free. When you're not in love with this peace, then no matter what you attain, what you experience, it will not fully satisfy you.

    From A Live Satsang: Awakening & The Purpose of Peace

    The purpose of this peace is not to give you more money, not to heal your body, not to make you happier, not to make you enlightened. The purpose of this peace is peace itself. Because that is fulfillment itself.

    Zen Enlightenment & Clear Seeing

    An object does not become an object separate from you until you define it. In order to not define it, you simply remain in awareness. You do not allow your attention to leave awareness to become fixated on thinking; rather, attention remains resting in itself as consciousness.

    Nice Loving Story about Shiva & Shakti

    Shakti says 'Don't worry, Shiva, I did something really neat. The essence of everything in this world, the essence of every experience is consciousness itself, is bliss itself. So you can experience it all, and never have to leave your bliss.'

    From A Live Satsang: Invitation to Fulfillment

    Once you're in this peace, even if you are just feeling it a little bit, then you're home free. It's just letting your attention sink more into this peace; into this divine intoxication that is life itself.
    The evolution of one’s self through the process of awakening within the dream of all dreams comes forward at this time to timestamp this day, entering into 2015 and moving forward into 2016. This transformational time is a time of bringing forward the awakening thoughts into your mind, heart and spirit to find those thoughts of truth seeding themselves into your lives. It is the time to start separating yourself from the future, freeing yourself to embrace it and to let go of the past that is blocking you from seeing your way forward, cementing the way into the future by closing the door of the past.

    Falling into Infinite Bliss

    The best part is not that you fall ,hit the ground and start walking again. The best part is that you fall and keep falling and realize you are the falling itself. That there is no center to fall back on. That there is nothing there. And when there is nothing there, there is pure consciousness and the radiance of life shines forth like a thousand suns.
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