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    Changes are occurring in our lives at an ever-rapid pace. Our roles as parents, partners, caretakers, employees, etc., all vie for our time and energy. We become even further stretched as we encounter life transitions such as marriage, career change, loss of a loved one, health challenges or identifying our life’s purpose. The need to slow down, reconnect with ourselves and reflect on what is important to us, is a form of self-care that has become crucial to our well being. Retreats are an excellent way to accomplish this.

    Alternative Scientists agree that the human potential is to live up 140 years without facing serious diseases. It is difficult to reach this potential as long as humanity does not have access to a basic understanding of Health and the principles of Ageing. This article can give some clues why so few people have used this full potential and how it can be possible to do so.
    The ban on natural therapies in Europe (European Directive on Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products (THMPD)) through the Codex Alimentarius Commission is scheduled to come into force in April of 2011. Good : Accountability to claims of cures Bad : Limited approved lists of herbs and high cost of registering Ugly: Suppression of Information and learning What to Do : Links to articles and petitions

    Don Miguel Ruiz appearance in Los Angeles

    Living the Five Agreements
    Best-selling author, lecturer and Toltec mystic Don Miguel Ruiz and his son, Don Jose Ruiz, present "Living the Five Agreements" on February 5, 2011.

    2012 - The End Of The Material Kingdom

    Most of us have heard about the 2012 conspiracy theories right? Especially after the movie 2012, the general public started to have an idea that this might be the armageddon, the Apocalpyse. Even though, the movie did not quite made a big impact, a lot of people still think that the end of the world is coming.

    Resolving Brain Damage with Symbols

    This is an article about using symbols called glyphs to heal a dog's brain.  I received the answer that Jesse had suffered brain damage from starvation and dehydration as a puppy.  I was told she could be helped by creating a glyph designed to rebuild the area of her brain that was not developed normally.

    Dussehra is the celebration of the grand victory

    Dussehra is the celebration of the grand victory of Lord Ramachandra over the mighty demon Ravana .And of course this is a factual historical event that took place in Sri Lanka, during the Treta Yuga, but know that it is also a lila, the pastimes of the Lord, that can take place within your heart when you take shelter of Lord Ramachandra. And therefore on this day, in preparation for this day, we should truly meditate on what this lila truly means to us. What it means to our life? The symbol of Kama(lust), Ravana ,who is dwelling in the heart of all living souls and is the single deadly enemy of every living being can all be defeated by the mighty glory of Lord Ramachandra. When we remember Lord Rama, He appears within our heart. By remembering Lord Rama. He kills all the demons within our heart.
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    Gulf Oil spill

    An article on how to view the changes that are currently occuring on the planet

    Sharing Pleasure

    On a retreat with Sogyal Rinpoche, i discovered what it meant to enjoy nondualistic delight.  By simply giving us a glimpse of his heart, Sogyal Rinpoche was trying to teach us that boundless generosity in which no experience, even the greatest bliss of enlightenment, is held for oneself. In that moment it was easy to see how genuine the feeling was for him, how natural such a human response could be, if we allowed it.
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