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    Prana As It Relates to Healing

    Healing is the loving touch of the ?self? that brings it back to its natural state and allows us to ?be? with all that ?is? , and helps the ?self? to heal us faster ? when healing does not work, it only means that the mind-intellect-ego is not relaxing enough

    An Insider's Guide to Death and the Afterlife

    After my son's death, he began to appear to family, friends and strangers across the world. As a physician with a strong science background, this rocked my entire materialistic paradigm. Now, I journal Erik's antics, visits and his insight on all things spiritual: the nature of reality, the human experience, enlightenment, the afterlife, and more.

    Bulimia Healed with Spiritual Self-Control

    Liz tells Cheryl how she jumped the hurdle of bulimia.  I interviewed Liz DeHaven, who was bulimic during her younger years.  Most of us can identify with Liz, doing something we thought was smart, at first, only to find out later it was self-destructive.

    Conquering Death - Interview with Selim Aissel

    Selim Aissel
    In order to attain a higher level, we need to leave the earth. And there are two ways of leaving the earth: spiritually, when we are still alive, or physically, when we die. Although there are different ways of dying…

    Channeled Message Regarding Preparing for 2012

    I received a message from Source suggesting I should speak about changes in the Cosmos and 2012 at my upcoming talk at the Spiritual Light Center in Franklin, NC, in November 2009. I replied, “I do not know anything about the Cosmos and 2012.” I received the response, “I will tell you.” I am posting the exact dialog as I understood

    Sharing Pleasure

    On a retreat with Sogyal Rinpoche, i discovered what it meant to enjoy nondualistic delight.  By simply giving us a glimpse of his heart, Sogyal Rinpoche was trying to teach us that boundless generosity in which no experience, even the greatest bliss of enlightenment, is held for oneself. In that moment it was easy to see how genuine the feeling was for him, how natural such a human response could be, if we allowed it.
    Mankind stands at the most important crossroads in its history, when a new, better and nicer world is about to be born. However, the new world cannot be established on the soil of the old world, as it will be very different from it. People do not develop in the way that they should, that's why everything that is incorrigible and untrue will collapse to open the path to a new life.

    Interviews for the How to guide to Enlightment

    You maybe here because like me you are fascinated with the topic of enlightment because you’ve had a spiritual or oneness experience and can no longer seem to focus on any other topic with the same amount of intensity Ever since the first time my mind stopped I had to look for the answers to the following topics.
    Alonso del Rio is a powerful maestro who interweaves Shipibo and other icaros with sacred music of his own to lead you on your journey; he is both a talented musician and an inspiring communicator of the Amazonian shamanic world. He is interviewed by Howard G. Charing and Peter Cloudsley.
    Pablo AmaringoPablo Amaringo is one of the world’s greatest visionary artists, and is renowned for his highly complex, colourful and intricate paintings of his visions from drinking the Ayahuasca brew. Pablo is interviewed at his gallery in Pucallpa, Peru, by Howard G Charing and Peter Cloudsley.
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