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Manifestation Articles

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    Looking at spirituality from outside the church institution finds signs of renewal.

    Your True Life's Purpose

    Everyone here on earth has a purpose and this purpose is unique to each individual. This article helps you to uncover that purpose so you too may live a truly fulfilled life.

    Every Thing is ONE Thing

    Since we are each an indivisible part of the Whole, we can unify with our inherent Divinity and create a life of infinite possibilities! Try it out!

    Following Your Inner Vision

    Ever had a vision of a new project or job you'd like to create for yourself? Many of us see the world around and feel a calling to bring about a positive change. You were meant to follow your inner vision! It's exactly what you came here to do and you have the full support of Spirit behind you! Below is a blueprint that I've seen work to help you get going!

    Need a Miracle? Expect The Unexpected

    This article is about miracles and how anyone that believes in Miracles can experience one at any given time.  What all Mystics throughout history have known to be true is that all things are possible to God. Miracles are not really “miracles” they are things that happen unexpectedly.

    It is Better to Give Than to Receive

    A box no matter how magnificent is still a mere box. It is the heart given which creates the present.~ ch Having just come through the holidays, witnessing so many exchanges between individuals my mind opened wide to perceive a few things. Is it the quality of the content within the box which sets the value of wealth a recipient receives? We know the verses which state it is better to give than to receive. Yet as a society many times we are purchasing out of obligation and or for image reasons. We can spend a great deal of money “doing the right thing” and looking good doing it but that little bit of good fades – people forget how great the gift was. God tells us when we give love, charity, mercy, kindness, patience that not only are others blessed but we are blessed and He is given glory. Let’s not put these gifts in a box, let’s simply share them as they freely flow down from our heavenly Father. For when we do this each present moment will be more magnificent than the last. Think on these things if only for today - Kisses, Candace

    How to Change An Experience

    We all experience at different times in our life, things that do not serve us. This article addresses the possibility of choice and ways to change any experience one might encounter in life.

    The universe is His creation which runs according to the rules and regulations made by Him. Our soul is part of Him and therefore we have a miniature form of Him in us. We all have His divine attributes and creativeness in us. So we all can become divine and creative like Him. The God has created inherent powers by which we can achieve everything provided we make proper use of those powers. Our life can become happy and full of love if we so desire.

    Let Your Subconsciousness and Consciousness Dance Together

    The separate "thing", is a man-made illusion, comparable with; When we feel an extraordinary feeling and we want to tell about it, to put it down in words, never quite match the particular feeling, right. You could say that we humans are the words here on earth.

    Occupy Wall Street and Oneness

    How do you chage the system without repeating the past? How to build oneness consciousness? Can the OWS movement be a spearhead to change our cultural values?
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