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Manifestation Articles

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    Sharing Pleasure

    On a retreat with Sogyal Rinpoche, i discovered what it meant to enjoy nondualistic delight.  By simply giving us a glimpse of his heart, Sogyal Rinpoche was trying to teach us that boundless generosity in which no experience, even the greatest bliss of enlightenment, is held for oneself. In that moment it was easy to see how genuine the feeling was for him, how natural such a human response could be, if we allowed it.

    Not Your Grandma's Heaven

    When two conscious mediums opened their doors of perception, Heaven came calling. But to their surprise, so did Hollywood. Pamela Bloom, one of the channels, reveals what it was like to receive transmissions from Walter Cronkite, Michael Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Amelia Earhart, Paul Newman, and Walt Disney, and concludes with a powerful and moving excerpt from John Lennon.
    If you don?t know how the Universal Law of Attraction works, it won?t work for you. Find out the real truth about how to use one of the most powerful metaphysical laws to bring your heart?s desire into your life.

    What is old age? The last part of human life is old age. It begins with the deterioration of physical abilities such as sight, hearing, walking, etc. forgetfulness occurs with age. The good memory of the past begins to fade in old age. Problems may arise in remembering the names of relatives and friends in old age.

    Saying prosperity prayers on a regular basis can help you to increase your prosperity and abundance. Find out the key to saying a prayer that can work for you.
    What is spiritual growth? What are the techniques for spiritual growth? What are the paths of spiritual growth? As many people are so understanding about it. Most of them are empty on spiritual growth. Others call their perception of the spiritual growth of the experience of spiritual growth.
    The art of healthy breathing awakens the latent powers of spiritual healing. Yoga uses the art of healthy breathing to explode and take the spiritual healing powers latent in nature and used as a vehicle to enter into spiritual union with the oneness of God.

    How to Work with Angels

    Discover the secrets of the angels with "Angel Lady" Doreen Virtue. Find out why the angels are ready to help YOU at this very moment, how to communicate with them, and 5 tips to work with your angels more effectively.

    A Picture Says A Thousand Words

    They say that a picture says a thousand words. What are the pictures in your mind and what are they saying? Actually, you need only to take a momentary inventory of your life to answer that question. If you are living the life of your dreams on every possible level, you are a ‘master of your universe!’ (Not to be confused with master of your domain!...or maybe….!) Your dreams can really come true and you can have the pick of anything that stimulates your sweet tooth!

    Be Grateful and You Will Receive Abundance

    Those who have and are grateful more will be given to them, those who don't the little they have will be taken away from them. The absolute truth to life, but what does it mean? Self contentment- one of the gateway's to the kingdom of heaven the eternal life. But how does it work?
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