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Meditation Articles

Learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this life. For it is only through meditation that you can undertake the journey to discover your true nature, and so find the stability and confidence you will need to live, and die, well.  Meditation is the road to enlightenment.

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    Is meditation of this world ?

    i have just shared my experience with all you people ..peace

    The Fundamentals of Meditation

    You are unconsciously but constantly resisting this moment; separating yourself from this moment. So the path of awareness in meditation is to get you back to this moment.

    Meditation Technique for Self Realization

    If you surrender every thought that arises back into this moment then you will begin to feel this moment directly.

    Coming Undone in Meditation

    One of the reasons we sit to meditate is to strip away all of the things that distract us from this moment. All of the things that make us feel secure and in control.

    Meditation: Becoming Vulnerable to This Moment

    One method of meditationis to simply be vulnerable to this moment. To let go of trying to justify who you are and what you know and really allow yourself to feel what is here.

    2 Meditation Techniques for Self Realization

    One path of meditation is to firmly fix your attention in this moment. To not let yourself get caught up in thinking but rather to directly experience what is here beyond thinking and to remain in that.
    Changes are occurring in our lives at an ever-rapid pace. Our roles as parents, partners, caretakers, employees, etc., all vie for our time and energy. We become even further stretched as we encounter life transitions such as marriage, career change, loss of a loved one, health challenges or identifying our life’s purpose. The need to slow down, reconnect with ourselves and reflect on what is important to us, is a form of self-care that has become crucial to our well being. Retreats are an excellent way to accomplish this.

    When the Chatter stops

    In searching for spiritual enlightment the zazen meditation brought me to ask where were the voices in my head coming from and why are they always talking? When I asked if God did not exist, why should I pray, the chatter stopped for a while. It was then I realised my assumptions where forming my beliefs and if I questioned all my assumptions I no longer needed belief. But I still prayed, and I asked why?

    Living in Happiness

    There was a time in my life that when people told me they were really “happy”, I thought they were either lying or too out of touch with reality to understand the question. I’ve now found that happiness really does exist and it is able to be found by anyone since it lies within us.

    A new way to meditate tames the restless mind. It uses visual feedback to anchor attention. See how the impossible has now been made easy.
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