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Morality Articles

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    Forced Connections vs Choice Connections

    As you have forced connections and choice connections in your life, the purpose of your life is to diminish the forced connections and increase the choice connections. It is meant to free yourself of having to have forced connections, of having to go through situations just to get through. Life will never be simple, but choosing a different perspective to view it in will make it less and less difficult to function. You have the power within to decide what your life will look like, who will be in that life, who you choose to have a relationship or connection with.

    Are you living life to your full potential?

    Is negativity a cloud that hangs over you? Are you fearful about what is going on in the world now? Do you feel that no matter what you do, in the end you feel empty inside? Do you feel like there is something missing in your life, a desire that never gets fulfilled? More money, drugs, sex, power, religion, food, tv, movies, addictive behaviors, negative emotions, houses, marriage, kids, pets, toys, fun, career and on and on and on since time began. http://lightofatlantis.com"

    Yogi Tamby Chuckravanen Spiritual Master

    The sages and masters of different faiths and religions all have good intentions. They all want to take their disciples to the ocean of knowledge. But most of them rely on the ancient sacred books. But these teachings are all subject to interpretations. Moreover these books are fixed and final. No one can remove or add any texts to them. As you move down the times these teachings remain the same, as if frozen. The teachings of Yogi Tamby Chuckravanen, on the other hand, are obtained directly from the Cosmic world, the place where God or the supreme energy resides. They are therefore not taken from any books or any manuscript. These teachings, obtained during meditation, are unique and do not exist anywhere else.

    Your Karma Also Affects Your Family

    Don’t forget the responsibility that you have to assume for your family. When you are doing bad actions or indulging in temptation which gives you temporary pleasures, you may think that you are opening the door to hell just for yourself but as a parent your whole family will fall with you and will suffer.

    Stop Mourning Over Your Past and Live with Joy

    Yogi Tamby Chuckravanen
    Most people are condemned to regret their numerous failures in life. When you are in Spirituality, you must not hesitate to say that you appreciate and enjoy life in a positive way. Every opportunity to enjoy life must be seized and you should live with joy and enthusiasm. You need not keep on mourning over your past defeats. Never say that you have not seized the opportunity to do things properly or you have failed in life.

    I The Child

    I wrote this poem to give the child a voice There is still so much abuse in the world . I can only hope this poem will give the abuser some insight as to the inpact on the effect on their abuse

    The Path to the Self-Realization II

    As I wrote in my introductory article: The Path to the Self-Realization, I began my spiritual quest for several reasons. I wish to be able to summarize these reasons into a small text but im a afraid its impossible. Why? Too many experiences, too many words of wisdom and too many insights, big and small but all fulfilling in their own ways.

    Every Individual Needs Self Control

    Every person has his own limit. Every individual needs to learn to control himself and to be within the limit. If you want to witness the bad character of someone, just start abusing his good sense. He will go beyond his limit and surely behave badly. If you know someone who is kind and gentle, refrain from playing with his goodness and his feelings.

    Teaching Others How To Treat You

    Standing your ground is trivial and has very little to do with your inner strength. The truly enlightened and wise find their power in unconditional love. Who is right and who is wrong is spiritually insignificant. Truly powerful people seldom have any need for excessive self-defense or forcing their views upon others. It simply does not matter. Do you want to be right… or do you want to make a difference in the world?

    Living in Happiness

    There was a time in my life that when people told me they were really “happy”, I thought they were either lying or too out of touch with reality to understand the question. I’ve now found that happiness really does exist and it is able to be found by anyone since it lies within us.
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