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Morality Articles

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    Not Your Grandma's Heaven

    When two conscious mediums opened their doors of perception, Heaven came calling. But to their surprise, so did Hollywood. Pamela Bloom, one of the channels, reveals what it was like to receive transmissions from Walter Cronkite, Michael Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Amelia Earhart, Paul Newman, and Walt Disney, and concludes with a powerful and moving excerpt from John Lennon.

    Human life can be saved by the universal code of conduct

    Human life have developed all evil techniques to destruct all natural resources of planet and so its existence. Present all religions are failing to control moral character of humans. Present all religions are in control of political actors. Present religions have divided one God and set different Universal code of conduct for its followers and not-followers.

    From Victim to Liberator: The Power of Compassion

    I was on a meditation retreat in the south of France when a visiting master's story about persecution in Tibet totally transformed my understanding of compassion. An audience of over three hundred Western students of Buddhism waited quietly for him to speak. He was about forty years old, quite tall and broad-shouldered for a Tibetan with an enormous presence likea mountain, though he barely smiled.

    What is Inspiration?

    The Dictionary meaning of the word Inspiration is very interesting:
    Filled with ability or urge to do something
    Filled with creative power
    Full of spirit which leads to an outstanding achievement
    Inspiration can be influenced by 3 modes of material nature viz.,goodness, passion and ignorance. Iinspiration in the mode of ignorance - History shows that Hiranyakashipu had the urge to destroy all opposition and become the supreme and the most powerful person. This kind of inspiration leads someone in the path of destruction.
    Inspiration in the mode of passion - When a young boy sees a beautiful young woman, he feels,"Oh! She is my only inspiration to come to college"
    Inspiration in the mode of goodness - Mother Teresa was inspired to help humanity, help the suffering masses and take care of the dying, the needy and the poor.
    After seeing the massive destruction in a terrible battle,the great king Ashoka was inspired to do good for humanity. He decided to become non-violent.
    For more inspirational insight Visit Radhanath Swami.Info

    What a man sows that shall he reap!

    Everyone has to bear the consequences of his past deeds. How does the Law of Reciprocal Action influence the development of man?
    As are your thoughts, your emotions are in the moment. Conflicting emotions are strong constraints in mind. The managing emotions are learned through regular practice of awareness of its positive and negative thoughts. Measuring happiness depends largely on how effective you are in control of emotion.

    Why is bad so good?

    Why is rebellion more attractive than responsible living? No matter how evolved, we are still animals, living in animal bodies, so we appreciate when others are in touch with their animal nature, even if it isn't for the highest good.

    Psychic reading versus fortune telling ...

    Spirituality in Real -Time [Part 3]

    Because we have eyes and because we are not physically blind, we delude ourselves in thinking that we really SEE anything, as eyes can only grasp vibrations. It is the brain that interprets those vibrations and creates the mental image which, in turn, leads us to the perception that what we see is real and tangible. The brain, then, activates us as efficiently as a switch flicked according to what ?it? thinks is an appropriate reaction.

    Spirituality in Real -Time [Part 2]

    Reality check: the urge to take pictures [like all other urges] is triggered by my soul to remind me to be a part of *that* moment, to understand that moment, to decipher the symbols it contains.
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