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Morality Articles

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    Spirituality in Real -Time [Part 1]

    When the moment is karmically ripe, we become suddenly aware of the existence of certain things, of certain thoughts and of certain symbols. Some call that a ?ha-ha? or a eureka moment, but really, it is not as if these symbolic things have only just now popped up out of nowhere. They have been there, right under our nose, from the moment of our birth.

    Sin versus United Goodness

    As goodness unites, sin shows its own self-defeat.
    If you don't want to part with something and depend on that for your happiness, then you are not independent. What is independence? Not to depend on anything, at any time. That is the greatness of renouncing your selfish life. You will not be afraid of anyone. If you're honest, you will be fearless. 

    The Treatment of Sharpness

    The following arcle is an excerpt from my book 'Impressions of an Archangel'. The book is written in the form of a dialogue between me the writer and channel and the powers of spirit in a form known to me as 'Archangel Michael' 8. 

    The Danger of Not Observing the Fifth Precept

    Fifth PreceptThus, the monk ended up breaking all the five precepts because he thought the fifth precept on abstaining from alcoholic drinks was the least important for his practice! First man takes a bottle, Then the bottle takes a bottle, And finally the bottle takes the man!

    The Five Buddhist Precepts and Ennoblers

    Five Buddhists PreceptsAs Buddhists, we need to establish our practice on moral principles  so that we feel a sense of self-respect and stability.  The Five Precepts provide the foundation for moral behaviour and for lay practice of the Dharma.

    The Buddha's Guidelines to Proper Speech

    Abandoning false speech, he abstains from false speech;  he speaks truth, adheres to truth, is trustworthy and reliable,  one who is no deceiver of the world.  Abandoning malicious speech, he does not repeat elsewhere what he has heard here. Abandoning idle chatter, he speaks at the right time, speaks on what is good.
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