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Relationships Articles

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    Hawaiian Practice of Forgiveness - Ho?oponopono

    Forgiveness is something we all want to receive and would like to be able to give. However, this can be a challenge for us. The ancient Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono has been embraced throughout the world. This article discusses the background of Ho’ponopono, why and how it helps to release the past and heal old hurts and angers so you can live in a more harmonious and loving manner.

    5 Spiritually Inspired Tips to Find Love

    Relationships present the most intense opportunity for spiritual growth and self-evolvement. Whether life long or temporary, each relationship makes the space for two people to share in an intimate love experience. If you find yourself with the desire to share in that experience I hope these tips guide you to that discovery.

    Can Love Heal Everything?

    Can love heal everything?? There is only love! Everything else we experience as beings occurs as either love unfolding naturally into a life of complete fulfillment and joy, or love being blocked, which creates everything we don't like.

    Beyond Forgiveness

    photo by Victor Cavalera
    We know of the need to forgive and that forgiving is really for the forgiver, but how do we truly forgive and know that we have forgiven? This article shows us the path we must take to come full circle and be truly able to not just move on and move on with a new understanding, a new blessed awareness.

    How to Recover From a Relationship Breakup

    In my life I’ve been “fortunate” to have experienced 2 major relationship break-ups.  I say “fortunate” because these experiences afforded me the deepest and most experiential learning I could ever ask for (despite the pain I may have had to endure.)  I’ve come to learn that each relationship, whether lifelong or temporary is a God assignment, sent to me for my greatest learning. 

    3 Spiritual Steps to Soulful Parenting

    How much time do you spend feeding your child’s soul? Get ready to pass on your spiritual legacy by learning three key ingredients to nurture their spiritual well-being.

    The Path to the Self-Realization II

    As I wrote in my introductory article: The Path to the Self-Realization, I began my spiritual quest for several reasons. I wish to be able to summarize these reasons into a small text but im a afraid its impossible. Why? Too many experiences, too many words of wisdom and too many insights, big and small but all fulfilling in their own ways.

    A Dove Needs Two Wings to be Able to Fly

    Everyone has both a masculine and a feminine side. This basic polarity is part of you whether you like it or not, whether you are a man or woman, boy or girl. Essentially, the masculine side comes from a place of strength. Strength is at the top end of the scale, whereas weakness is at the bottom end. In contrast, the feminine side comes from a place of goodness. Here, goodness is at the top end of the scale, whereas badness or evil is at the bottom end.

    The Wake Up Journey

    Sorting out life’s mysteries has always been my underlying purpose. When i was very young, i wondered about life and what it’s all about … What is God? … Where is God? … Who am i? … The only relationship that counts is our conscious oneness with the Source, Spirit, Energy, the one Creative Principle of Life ... Some of the poet’s were a huge help … Most poetry was like Greek to me, but some of their messages, like the following examples, so struck me…

    The Lies We Bought as Love

    What are the lies we bought as love that are causing us to suffer? What are the lies we bought as love that are causing us not to be happy? What are the lies we bought as love that are causing us not to love ourselves? What are the lies we bought as love that are causing us to put up with situations that are not good for us? What are the lies we bought as love that are causing us to stay stuck in manipulative or abusive relationships or to be treated badly? What are the lies we bought as love that cause us to be abusive?
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