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Relationships Articles

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    Conscious Parenting

    Conscious Parenting: 7 Main Children Development Tips
    The evolution of one’s self through the process of awakening within the dream of all dreams comes forward at this time to timestamp this day, entering into 2015 and moving forward into 2016. This transformational time is a time of bringing forward the awakening thoughts into your mind, heart and spirit to find those thoughts of truth seeding themselves into your lives. It is the time to start separating yourself from the future, freeing yourself to embrace it and to let go of the past that is blocking you from seeing your way forward, cementing the way into the future by closing the door of the past.

    Forced Connections vs Choice Connections

    As you have forced connections and choice connections in your life, the purpose of your life is to diminish the forced connections and increase the choice connections. It is meant to free yourself of having to have forced connections, of having to go through situations just to get through. Life will never be simple, but choosing a different perspective to view it in will make it less and less difficult to function. You have the power within to decide what your life will look like, who will be in that life, who you choose to have a relationship or connection with.

    Do you ever have conversations with yourself?

    I don't mean like hearing voices but more like thinking about things and questioning yourself? Or going over an important decision that you have to make again and again? This kind of conversation with yourself will not help you to solve your problems or make good decisions and is not productive or helpful.

    Hawaiian Practice of Forgiveness - Ho?oponopono

    Forgiveness is something we all want to receive and would like to be able to give. However, this can be a challenge for us. The ancient Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono has been embraced throughout the world. This article discusses the background of Ho’ponopono, why and how it helps to release the past and heal old hurts and angers so you can live in a more harmonious and loving manner.

    How to Love

    Looks at the problem of figuring out how to love and suggests a simple heart-felt solution.


    The greatest love of all, sang George Benson, is learning to love yourself. To love yourself is to truly accept yourself as you are. But how many of us really do accept ourselves as we are? In this article, Glenn identifies the barriers to self-love, gives tips on how to break through them, shares practical steps to positively achieve self-love and reveals why perhaps George and others have called it the "greatest love".
    Here we go into an understanding of the quantum flame oneness relationship in its multi dimensional nature from a quantum metaphysical point of view. First explored will be the quantum flame oneness relationship, in looking at what it is and detailed explanations of having it with self and a partner and the tools needed to manifest it with self. Topics explored will include healing tools you have within for manifesting quantum flame oneness within for self so you can share this with another such as biomorphic resonance,quantum psychology of the ego, working with the quantum psychology of the transpersonal state, healing roots and engrams,quantum psychological projection, quantum metaphysics of electromagnetics and biothermodynamic behavior and how all these play pivotal roles in living without suffering manifesting quantum non-utilitarian love within your self and sharing that with another. We also explore shadow flames and what is a quantum flame oneness relationship with another in its non-utilitarian quantum form through stages, symptoms, separation and reunion . But most of all, the portal to quantum non-utilitarian love begins with you in sacred union oneness of "all" living without suffering.
    The quantum flame relationship and alchemy of it in totality beginning with you and experiencing it in each and every stage in its true non-utilitarian fashion for the quantum that can truly be experienced by you and another. But First it begins with you. You are but the key to your own portal of divine.

    5 Spiritually Inspired Tips to Find Love

    Relationships present the most intense opportunity for spiritual growth and self-evolvement. Whether life long or temporary, each relationship makes the space for two people to share in an intimate love experience. If you find yourself with the desire to share in that experience I hope these tips guide you to that discovery.
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