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Relationships Articles

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    Beauty and Eros

    Why is the response to beauty built into human consciousness? Why are we drawn so naturally and often so powerfully to whom and what we consider beautiful? Is this the Universe's way of inviting us to The Dance? Beauty may be a gateway unlike any other -- available to everyone and leading, in its deepest reaches, to something like divine union.

    Feng Shui Your Relationships

    Problems that exist in a couple’s relationship are manifested in their environment. As a Feng Shui practitioner, some of the things I would like to know about the couple are: how they feel together in their home, which rooms do they have more issues and problems, do they enjoy entering their home or do they especially enjoy leaving it? In addition, which elements in their home support each person; wood, fire, earth, metal or water. Are these elements available in their home to offer individual growth?

    Living in Happiness

    There was a time in my life that when people told me they were really “happy”, I thought they were either lying or too out of touch with reality to understand the question. I’ve now found that happiness really does exist and it is able to be found by anyone since it lies within us.

    What are We Spiritual Folks Actually After

    What if you spent years and years of your life seeking religious or spiritual enlightenment, but were looking in the wrong place the whole time? It’s happening right now to millions of seekers around the world. If the traditional take on enlightenment is wrong headed, what might be a saner telos for us today?

    Two Main Reasons Why Relationships Fail

    Everyone has had a relationship at least once in their life. That "love" feeling is so wonderful until that day comes when you break apart. After the illusion of what you thought a relationship should be, the wall comes up to protect yourself. Love and relationships are challenging that is for sure.

    No U in Love

    My essay explores the impermanence of our conventional concept of love and suggests that a more meaningful alternative exists.

    Soul Mates or Cell Mates?

    The dynamics of our relationships are extremely complex. But surprisingly, the clues to understanding the other person usually lie within ourselves.

    Love Potions and Astrology

    Love potions are one of the most famous ways to get the object of your romantic desire. History is full of incredible stories in both eastern and western cultures of the use of such potions. In this article,i will show how real these potions are as well as their link to astrology.

    Five Times to Trust Your Intuition

    How to trust your intuition at work, when first meeting others, with your health, while driving and when your are concerned for others.

    Love - The Most Precious Emotion

    Today, at this very moment, I decided that I want to write about love. Why? Because it is the most precious emotion we can feel in this world. Maybe we are born to love, maybe we are learning to love. Actually we are born to love, and we are learning to love. Just analyze this, if we don't learn to love, how can we go taste the heavens that we all heard about.
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