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Relationships Articles

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    Man and Woman

    From time immemorial man has expressed himself through his basic character - activity. Here also a deviation was made. Under the veil of tolerance and emancipation man voluntarily loosened the hold on his activity and let it be gradually taken over by woman even in the areas which were his domain. The active man became a comfortable or obedient fellow.

    What Is Past Life Regression (PLR)?

    Past life Regression (or PLR) is a process of retrieving memories of previous lives or incarnations by means of a hypnosis or meditation. This article by dellaina van der Leers delves deeper into the practice, with examples to illustrate the effectiveness of the process.

    The Art Of Letting Go

    An article from Dellaina and Almora and the sacred art of Letting Go.  You will hear it said time and again that this is a time of change. These changes are working through us in our personal lives as well as in the world at large. It is a time now when the leaves begin to fall that we are asked to review our lives, mind, body and spirit.

    The difference between Chastity and Celibacy, and their implications for the Spiritual Seeker. This celibacy thing is a sticking point for many in Spirituality. The Catholic Church has a vow of celibacy for it's clergy, and monastics. Hindu Saddus practice celibacy, as do Buddhist monks.

    The Gift of Friendship

    It has been a beautiful day here in Wales, UK and after so many wet August days it has been fantastic to enjoy blue skies and warm sunshine. I have been lucky, too, to enjoy today in the company of good friends. How blessed we are if enjoy the gift of friendship. As this inspirational verse from "A String of Pearls" reminds us the gift of friendship is truly a gift without price.
    When you carry the past like an anchor on your back, you block opportunities and make choices based on your past fears. Negative thought forms stick to the body like plaque does to your teeth. If you can brush your teeth daily, you can also daily dissolve the plaque of your soul.

    How to please the Supreme Lord ?

    All our occupational duties are perfected when it gives pleasure and satisfaction to the Lord. And how do we please the Lord? We please the Lord by pleasing His devotees, the great souls. And what pleases the great souls? When they see that whatever services we offer is without a desire for prestige or distinction, the great souls are pleased. To the degree our service is without ulterior motives for our own selfish acquisition, either gross or subtle, to that degree it is actually pleasing the devotees, and thus pleasing to the Supreme Lord.
    Visit Radhanath Swami
    If you do not like to worship God through rituals of the faith or to visit churches and temples, meditation on God is a good alternative. If you are unable to speak directly to God, meditation on God is the solution. If you do not find a proper relationship with God, then meditation on God is meditation on the shortcut path.

    Bodhicitta Rising

    On a spiritual pilgrimage to Japan, a native-born roommate opened my eyes to true selflessness.
    I tried prayer to God for the faith of many, no result - meaning that I lost time on the wrong direction of prayer. Looking effective way to pray? Is there an organization to provide simple advice on the best way of prayer. This is the right place. Here are some simple steps to help you take advantage of the tremendous benefits of prayer to the God. The prayer by any means of faith surely gives relaxation in mind. .
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