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    Believe in Yourself

    In order for you to live your best life you must first believe in yourself and believe that you deserve it. There are no limits in this world, this is your world. You make up whatever you want to experience, you just have to reach out and grab it.

    Who Are Arniel, Mathael and Shalmiel?

    Reassurance angels
    The view of the Kabbala on the heavenly brigades of angels: From the Kabbalistic point of view, angels and their role in our world is a serious business. What can we learn about angels, and how can we get in touch with them in our everyday life?

    Although God may be the ultimate, our concepts of God are not. Though religion plays a beautiful role in this conceptual world of ours, it prevents us from God because it labels God. For instance, religion says, “God is good,” “God is benevolent,” etc. Labels cannot describe God or the ultimate. The ultimate is that which is before anything and everything else, including our concepts of God. In fact, God or the ultimate precedes any label or description.

    Refreshing Your Spiritual Practice

    You've been doing your chosen spiritual practice for a while now, and it's starting to get routine…maybe even a bit tedious. What should you do? Quit? Start over with a completely new daily practice? Here are some ideas for reinvigorating your daily spiritual practice when it gets stale.

    Don?t Live Your Life Fearful

    Be appalled, even shudder But don’t worry, I’m here Don’t live your life fearful. Don’t lay down in defeat If you find yourself sinking…. Under pressure you deflate….. Speak my words of wisdom;  Rise up on your feet!

    Your True Life's Purpose

    Everyone here on earth has a purpose and this purpose is unique to each individual. This article helps you to uncover that purpose so you too may live a truly fulfilled life.

    Yogi Tamby Chuckravanen Spiritual Master

    The sages and masters of different faiths and religions all have good intentions. They all want to take their disciples to the ocean of knowledge. But most of them rely on the ancient sacred books. But these teachings are all subject to interpretations. Moreover these books are fixed and final. No one can remove or add any texts to them. As you move down the times these teachings remain the same, as if frozen. The teachings of Yogi Tamby Chuckravanen, on the other hand, are obtained directly from the Cosmic world, the place where God or the supreme energy resides. They are therefore not taken from any books or any manuscript. These teachings, obtained during meditation, are unique and do not exist anywhere else.

    Your Karma Also Affects Your Family

    Don’t forget the responsibility that you have to assume for your family. When you are doing bad actions or indulging in temptation which gives you temporary pleasures, you may think that you are opening the door to hell just for yourself but as a parent your whole family will fall with you and will suffer.

    How to Walk Your Own Path in Life.

    Walking on the sidelines of life will not get you very far. It will only lead to a place of unfulfillment. The only thing you can truly claim ownership of on this earth is your own life. Your footprints will be remembered if you take the steps now towards walking your own purposeful path.

    Opening Your Heart to a World Without Suffering

    The alchemy of living from the primordial heart begins with you and living from non-utilitarian form in all the quantum love YOU are. Realizing YOU are everyone and everyone is YOU. It’s opening up your heart and your mind to a whole world without suffering and a world without judgment egoic idealisms and dynamism concepts that come from the ego and a bit about how the ego works is explained next.
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