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    Happiness is found within

    Happiness is something you create within yourself, inside of you, which once it's felt will then create situations and attract other happy people.

    Fear of Unknown

    We all fear death but death as such can not cause fear. In normal circumstances, death can not be known or perceived. We fear it as we haven’t experienced it. Ignorance, too, is considered a major cause of fear. Primitive man was completely in the dark about natural phenomena such as the eclipses, thunder and lightning, the comets and the like.

    Always The Right Path

    As a result of living a life of diverse spiritual inquiry and exploration, a couple of years ago I decided to distil my understanding of our existences here, hence the following summary, Always The Right Path. I want to encourage people's faith in the complete purpose of their lives, and to urge them to relax on the details. The challenges will come, as they should, but I believe our greatest challenge is to enjoy ourselves and each other as we learn.

    Can Love Heal Everything?

    Can love heal everything?? There is only love! Everything else we experience as beings occurs as either love unfolding naturally into a life of complete fulfillment and joy, or love being blocked, which creates everything we don't like.

    A purpose-based life is one where you bring forth your inner guidance to lead the way in creating your life. The following seven principles are signposts along your life's journey.

    Beyond Forgiveness

    photo by Victor Cavalera
    We know of the need to forgive and that forgiving is really for the forgiver, but how do we truly forgive and know that we have forgiven? This article shows us the path we must take to come full circle and be truly able to not just move on and move on with a new understanding, a new blessed awareness.

    Each Day Is A Gift

    Chanelled writing about the path of life.  The essence of life is change and having the ability to flow through the changes.  Life is never constant but it is in a constant change of flux. Changes spurt growth and encourage learning

    Let Him Be Our Charioteer

    In our prayers, we always ask the God to fulfill our various wishes, which are related to the worldly desires. This is so because we think that the worldly desires will give us happiness and peace. The desires arise in our mind, which is influenced by our beliefs and values. If one desire is fulfilled, another crops up in the mind and we become busy in fulfilling it. So there is an unending stream of desires. In order to achieve them, we are running a mad race that never ends.

    Be Grateful Not Prideful

    Peace, happiness and joy are a result of what we ARE not because of accomplishments.  Generally speaking there is nothing wrong with feeling good, however upon inspection pride’s “feel good” emotion comes at a cost - collectively and spiritually. 

    This is often said that one, who has conquered the mind, has conquered the world. On conquering the mind, one gets connected to the Almighty and starts seeing his divine presence in every thing – living and non-living. Now a question arises as to what are mind and its nature. The following paragraph by Osho highlights its nature.
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