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Spiritual Now is dedicated to helping the world embrace the light of goodness and for all sentient beings obtaining enlightenment   Everyone here at Spiritual Now welcomes you and hopes you will join us in our efforts.

There are many ways to add to Spiritual Now. Here are the ways you can contribute:

» Become an Author:
Do you have something to share or teach. We want to hear about it! Why keep what you have learned to yourself? Share our ideas and help other people learn and walk the path. Sign up as author today and start writing spiritual articles. All articles will be proof read before being published.

» Become a Free Member
All members get there own online profile, where they can publish blogs, add to the forums, post photos and add friends. Sign up as a free member, or as a paying member making donations to the Spiritual Now movement.

» Make a Donation
Every month Spiritual now donates the combination of all its members’ donations to people who are in need now. The members can vote on which charity or event to donate to. Then Spiritual Now publishes a newsletter and article to all our members telling them what all our collective efforts have accomplished. With the collective power of our spiritual community we are able to help more.

Learn more about the spiritual community.